Hanif Kureishi om identitet

23 februari 2012 av H. | Inga kommentarer · Bloggat

Hanif Kureishi (ni vet vem det är, va? författaren till The Buddha of Suburbia) i samtal med Kenan Malik om identiteter.

”… These labels are very constraining. They are useful at certain times, that somebody would stand up and say, you know, that I’m a feminist or I’m gay or however you want to describe yourself and that would be a big deal for someone to say that about themselves in terms of the people that were around them. And then it becomes a prison. It’s too little, it’s not enough. I mean, one of the things that the novel does, the novel celebrates, is huge complexity, that there is more to us than this, that and the other, that we are very very complicated beings. And it seems to me that the novel, particularly the novel, is the one place where that sense of complexity can really be understood and expressed. Nobody goes around thinking of themselves as being Asian or being Indian, you just don’t think of it like that. There are certain times when you think ’I’m the only Indian here’ and then it matters, it’s important. Most of the time you write from inside yourself and it’s complexity that I think that I’m interested in.”


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